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For the Northern Hemisphere, this January full moon presents the first of three full moons of the winter season; and in the Southern Hemisphere, this is the first of three summer full moons. For the world as a whole, this penumbral lunar eclipse features the second eclipse of the eclipse season , the first one staging an annular eclipse of the sun on December 26, From all over the world, this January full moon will shine in front of the constellation Gemini the Twins. Therefore, like the July sun, this January full moon will rise and sets quite far north of due east and west.

In the Northern Hemisphere, that means this January full moon will follow the high path of the summer sun throughout the night. But wherever you may reside worldwide, enjoy the first full moon of the year on January 10, , as it lights up the nighttime from dusk till dawn!

He's a sundial aficionado, whose love for the heavens has taken him to Lake Titicaca in Bolivia and sailing in the North Atlantic, where he earned his celestial navigation certificate through the School of Ocean Sailing and Navigation. He also writes and hosts public astronomy programs and planetarium programs in and around his home in upstate New York.

Last transit of Mercury until Stunning view inside a young moon crater. Help Support EarthSky with a Donation! EarthSky Updates on your cosmos and world. Bruce McClure. Second, since the Earth's shadow at the Moon's distance always is larger than the Moon, a lunar eclipse can never be annular but is always partial or total. Third, the Earth's shadow has two components: the much brighter penumbra. A lunar eclipse will have two geometric magnitudes: the umbral magnitude and the penumbral magnitude.

If the three bodies are not aligned enough, the Moon does not reach into the Earth's umbra - it may still pass through the Earth's penumbra though, such an eclipse is called a penumbral eclipse. Solar eclipse Lunar eclipse Java applet demonstrating eclipse magnitude and obscuration. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Total Lunar Eclipse of January 21

January lunar eclipse Penumbral eclipse Date 10 January Gamma 1. Lunar eclipses. All Central total eclipses Total penumbral eclipses Historically significant.

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Danjon scale Gamma. Categories : 21st-century lunar eclipses in science January events. Hidden categories: Use dmy dates from August Revision History. July lunar eclipse. Related Images. YouTube Videos.

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It was not quite a total penumbral lunar eclipse. The Moon was only slightly covered by the Earth's umbral shadow at maximum eclipse. Partiality from Kuwait , UTC.

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A total lunar eclipse occurred on Friday, 27 July The Moon passed through the center of Earth's shadow in what was the first central lunar eclipse since 15 June It was also the second total lunar eclipse in , after the one on 31 January. Oria, Italy , UTC, end of totality.

A total lunar eclipse occurred on January 21, UTC. For observers in the Americas, the eclipse took place between the evening of Sunday, January 20 and the early morning hours of Monday, January Image: 01 20 Lunar eclipse from San Diego. Image: Do you see a lunar eclipse? Image: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is an independent agency of the United States Federal Government responsible for the civilian space program, as well as aeronautics and aerospace research.

William H. Kennedy , right. Webb background discussing the Mariner program , with a model presented. Wernher von Braun is at center. Delta rocket on display in the rocket garden. This can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are exactly or very closely aligned, with Earth between the other two. A lunar eclipse can occur only on the night of a full moon.

Christopher Columbus predicting a lunar eclipse. This multi-exposure sequence shows the August lunar eclipse visible from the ESO headquarters. A total lunar eclipse occurred on January 31, The Moon was near its perigee on January 30 and as such may be described as a "supermoon".

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The previous supermoon lunar eclipse was in September Totality from California. Wider angle view of total eclipsed moon and Beehive cluster. Historically significant lunar eclipses are eclipses of the Moon that are mentioned in historical accounts in connection with a significant event. During a total lunar eclipse , this view of most of the sky shows both the Milky Way and the Moon on the left of the image. The path of the lunar eclipse on 15 July This applies to all celestial eclipses. The magnitude of a partial or annular solar eclipse is always between 0.

An annular solar eclipse has a magnitude of less than 1. A penumbral lunar eclipse was predicted by some astronomical forecasting models to occur on Thursday, 18 August Had this eclipse occurred, it would have been the second of three lunar eclipses in Predicted path of the eclipse; no eclipse actually occurred. Fred Espenak is a retired emeritus American astrophysicist.

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He worked at the Goddard Space Flight Center. He is best known for his work on eclipse predictions. The path for the moon to pass within the penumbra and outside the umbra is very narrow. The penumbral lunar eclipse on March 14, was a total penumbral eclipse. The Napoleonic Wars were a series of major conflicts pitting the French Empire and its allies, led by Napoleon I, against a fluctuating array of European powers formed into various coalitions, financed and usually led by the United Kingdom.

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Tomb IV. Dates, diagrams, maps and details for years of lunar eclipses can be found in:. The Javascript Lunar Eclipse Explorer lets you calculate the visibility of lunar eclipses from any city for hundreds of years in the past and future:. Decade long tables of past and future lunar eclipses include links to dates, diagrams, maps and details:. The table below lists every lunar eclipse from through Durations are given for both partial and total in bold phases. Click on the eclipse Calendar Date to see a map and diagram of an eclipse.