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The Number 8 as a Person

You enjoy a challenge. The expectations of others stimulate you, especially if they doubt you can pull it off. You tend to be dramatic with money. You have a need for status and may show off the fruits of your labor with an impressive car or house. You are proud of your family and like to be complemented.

You have strong character, but may be domineering and bossy. You have little patience with weakness, be it your own or someone else's. You do not express your feelings much. About SLN. Reload App. Contact SLN. Privacy Policy. Terms of Service. Sign Out. Sign Up or Sign In no password required.


Send code to my email: required. Check your email for your code. Impulsive, magnetic, changing and adapting. The lesson for this energy — while change is good, moderation is best. Learn to let some freedom in once the patterns are set. Keeping the vibration high — allowing each other to follow your chosen life path mission and helping change the world you life in.

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Allow each other a bit of time to develop chosen talents, follow interests and passions, all the while effectively communicating and supporting each other in loving and caring ways, not smothering one another. Number 6 — The energy of this number is all about love. Romance, passion, union, supporting and harmony.

The lesson for this energy is that of unconditional love for self and ultimately for twin. To listen to the guidance the heart gives and to not give love without having an overflow of it to offer to someone else, for love cannot flow from an empty well.

Keeping the vibration high — learning to love nurture and serve others and learn to love and care for self first before that. Self love and self esteem are vital if your union is to be strong and for you to be able to be strong for each other and the others in your world. Keeping the vibration high — seeking higher understanding, engaging in philosophical thinking and developing wisdom — via meditation and spiritual pursuits.. Number 8 — The energy of this number is methodical thought, planning, being intensely active and harnessing power and vision and gaining mental strength from it to take necessarily action- personal power.

Live your missions so that each of you come together as a whole to help humanity. Learning to be a strong authentic being without intimidating others. Keeping the vibration high — learning to keep the energy strong and positive, and focus on the greater good, and not to get caught up in the burdens that may sometimes come along, just realize they are part of the journey to becoming the most authentic being each of you can be.

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Learning to work with integrity combined with spiritual wisdom will create the success and bring unusual and fortuitous opportunities. Number 9 — The energy of this number is about completion, clearing, freeing up binds from that of the past, in preparation for a new cycle of growth to come. Number 11 — The energy of this number is one of the master numbers, the number 2 amplified but yet different but still holds some of the qualities of the 2.

This is the number of the spiritual messengers. This tends to come with great difficulty in reaching this point of spiritual enlightenment due to the struggles in life that have come your way, which of course you asked for because you needed them to make you stronger. This of course does not mean you are to deliver messages of spirit to others. What this is saying about your union energy is that there is a more spiritual overtone to your connection between you and your twin flame so that you know this goes beyond the physical existence.

The key is to allow for each other to go through this growth and be there to support each other through it. You need to be in higher vibrations so that you can heed to the spiritual guidance you receive. Number 22 — The energy of this number is also a master number, the number 4 amplified — that of the master builder and organizer.

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Working for the good of all, using spiritual wisdom to help others and themselves to do big things, create big ideas and have big ideals. Giving inspiration how to meld the physical world and mental worlds with that of spiritual and philosophical worlds to create a balance and essentially affect change on all levels in a new way.

Your Numerology Chart: What Does Your Birthday Number Mean For You?

The lesson of this energy is taking on big ideas and such you get overwhelmed when you take on so much, especially if there are many obstacles, often neglecting yourselves and therefore not staying grounded. There must be balance. Keeping the vibration high — making sure you have time together and time for yourself even if it means scheduling it in amongst all your busy lives.

Or learning to say no to things or put them on the back burner so that you nurture what is needed for yourself and both of you. Working for the good of all, influencing the energy of the planet in selfless service. The lesson of this energy — much like that of the number 6, in order to be of selfless service one and both of you must have strong authentic self love and strong self esteem.

Not all can be aided by your beautiful guidance, and this you must realize. You can be everything to everyone. You need to teach that others also must be responsible for their own stuff and seek the lessons and growth from it, for you are not here to save them, merely only be a guide to them. Show them they have work to do you are just here to provide direction. Tami TF Fugate link. Kathleen Eby Semenuk. It came out