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Since graduating she has traveled the world gaining valuable experience in the thoroughbred industry. Steve Avery General Farm Manager. Steve was born and raised in Antigo, Wisconsin. Before joining the Taylor Made team in , he worked as a golf course construction supervisor in Venezuela. Steve also has a long history of experience working with Thoroughbreds.

He also worked at Gainesway Farm for twelve years with broodmares, breaking and training horses as a Foreman and then Broodmare Manager. At Taylor Made, his focus is on breeding mares, raising foals, and preparing them for the sales. His goal is always to raise the best horses possible.

Cesar Terrazas Yearling Manager. Cesar has been a Taylor Made team member since Cesar has over 10 years combined experience in working with broodmares, yearlings and stallions. Barrett Midkiff Van Driver. Barrett has been a Taylor Made team member since He brought with him many years of experience working with thoroughbred horses.

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At Calumet Farm, he worked with mares, foals, and yearlings. At Mereworth Farm, he focused on mares. At Crestview and Nursery Place, he did nightwatch and was in charge of foaling mares.

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Here at Taylor Made, Barrett transports horses to and from breeding appointments and to and from the sales. He is also known for being willing to pitch in and do anything possible to help the team run smoothly. Scott Miller Nightwatch Manager. A second generation employee, Scott has been working with Taylor Made since he was 11 years old. He foaled for fifteen years at several prestigious farms in the area but now works at Taylor Made, with his son, as our Night Manager.

He has been married for 25 years and has two wonderful children. Laura Richard Experience Director. Laura joined the Taylor Made team in after graduating from Eastern Kentucky University with a bachelors degree in Broadcasting and Electronic Media. Laura's primary duties are taking monthly photos of all horses boarded at Taylor Made for owners.

She also takes photos of all the horses at the sales for both sellers and buyers. This ensures that owners are always aware of their horse's development while at Taylor Made. Laura's photos are also used for varies publications and promotions for Taylor Made and our clients.

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Jacob Dunlap Maintenance Manager. Jacob started at Taylor Made in January Before coming to Taylor Made he worked for a construction company that specialized in farm related construction and maintenance. Jacob oversees all the maintenance issues around the farm as well as pasture management. He is married to Jennifer and they have a daughter, Annabelle. Alex Payne Account Manager Intern. Before coming to work for Taylor Made on the farm full time in , Alex was a seasonal sales team member for Taylor Made from through January Prior to Taylor Made, Alex worked for several farms including Domino Stud, Kings Equine, and Brylynn Farm where he earned his experience working sales consignments to prepping horses to even small scale farm management.

Katie Taylor-Marshall Investor Relations. Her primary responsibilities include investor relations for the Bloodstock Investments Packages, and documentation and analysis of organizational operations and systems. She also plays an integral role in client communications and customer service. Katie enjoys sharing the family traditions of excellence in horsemanship with her daughter, Mary Emily. Starting out as the receptionist and assisting in the Boarding Department before moving on to Private Sales and then onto the Stallion Department in when Taylor Made began standing stallions.

Tina handles the distribution of stud fees for stallions standing at Taylor Made. Tina also handles Taylor Made Stallions, Inc. Tina maintains the insurance on said investments as well as reviewing all expenses pertaining to each investment.

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Tina also manages all paperwork concerning the sale of all Taylor Made Stallions, Inc. Gilberto Terrazas Stallion Division Manager. Gilberto works closely with Tina Miller and Wendy Upton on the booking of mares, corresponding with owners and the scheduling of stallion shows. Gilberto's previous experience included four years of experience at Overbrook Farm with mares and stallions. He also worked for Farms where he prepped for the two-year-old in training sales.

Gilberto is married to his wife, Annell , and has three children - Daniel, Kristina, and Adrian.

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Wendy Upton Stallion Administrative Assistant. She had experience in foaling and lay-ups in Virginia and worked in stallion administration in New York.

Wendy handles all bookings and contracts for the Taylor Made Stallions as well as the stud fee billing. Travis White Stallion Nominations Manager. Also, I vote for more solo episodes!! I listen to this podcast because I want to hear YOUR take on astrology and hear how you interpret different things and your journey to becoming an astrologer.

I love the guests you have on as well but perhaps a light sprinkling of some solo episodes on different astrology topics like the houses, or different aspects, maybe even planetary personalities etc. Just some food for thought! I have followed Aliza Kelly for a while and have even had a lesson with her one on one. And this podcast is gold!! Apple Podcasts Preview. Show 10 More Episodes. Customer Reviews See All. Elevation with Steven Furtick. Elevation Church.

In literature, many writers, notably Geoffrey Chaucer [16] [17] [18] and William Shakespeare , [19] [20] used astrological symbolism to add subtlety and nuance to the description of their characters' motivation s. Often, an understanding of astrological symbolism is needed to fully appreciate such literature. Some modern thinkers, notably Carl Jung, [21] believe in astrology's descriptive powers regarding the mind without necessarily subscribing to its predictive claims. In education astrology is reflected in the university education of medieval Europe , which was divided into seven distinct areas, each represented by a particular planet and known as the seven liberal arts.

Dante Alighieri speculated that these arts, which grew into the sciences we know today, fitted the same structure as the planets. In music the best known example of astrology's influence is in the orchestral suite called " The Planets " by the British composer Gustav Holst , the framework of which is based upon the astrological symbolism of the planets. By the time of Francis Bacon and the scientific revolution, newly emerging scientific disciplines acquired a method of systematic empirical induction validated by experimental observations, which led to the scientific revolution.

This separation accelerated through the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Astrology has been criticized as being unscientific both by scientific bodies and by individual scientists. He suggested that the lack of a causal mechanism for astrology was relevant but not in itself convincing.


Although astrology has had no accepted scientific standing for some time, it has been the subject of much research among astrologers since the beginning of the twentieth century. In his landmark study of twentieth-century research into natal astrology, vocal astrology critic Geoffrey Dean noted and documented the burgeoning research activity, primarily within the astrological community. Astrologers have argued that there are significant obstacles in carrying out scientific research into astrology today, including funding, [30] [31] lack of background in science and statistics by astrologers, [32] and insufficient expertise in astrology by research scientists.

Some astrologers have argued that few practitioners today pursue scientific testing of astrology because they feel that working with clients on a daily basis provides a personal validation for them. Another argument made by astrologers is that most studies of astrology do not reflect the nature of astrological practice and that existing experimental methods and research tools are not adequate for studying this complex discipline.

The compass in this 13th century manuscript is a symbol of God's act of Creation, as many believed that there was something intrinsically divine or perfect that could be found in circles. An editorial published by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific reports that they can find no evidence for a scientifically defined mechanism by which celestial objects can supposedly influence terrestrial affairs.

Though physical mechanisms are still among the proposed theories of astrology , [37] [38] few modern astrologers believe in a direct causal relationship between heavenly bodies and earthly events. Others have posited a basis in divination. The Mars effect : relative frequency of the diurnal position of Mars in the birth chart of eminent athletes. Several individuals, most notably French psychologist and statistician Michel Gauquelin , claimed to have found correlations between some planetary positions and certain human traits such as vocations.

Gauquelin's most widely known claim is known as the Mars effect , which is said to demonstrate a correlation between the planet Mars occupying certain positions in the sky more often at the birth of eminent sports champions than at the birth of ordinary people. Besides the claims of the Mars effect, astrological researchers claim to have found statistical correlations for physical attributes, [48] accidents, [49] [50] personal and mundane events, [51] [52] social trends such as economics [53] [54] and large geophysical patterns.

The scientific community, [12] where it has commented, claims that astrology has repeatedly failed to demonstrate its effectiveness in numerous controlled studies. Effect size studies in astrology conclude that the mean accuracy of astrological predictions is no greater than what is expected by chance, and astrology's perceived performance has disappeared on critical inspection. One such double-blind study in which astrologers attempted to match birth charts with results of a personality test, which was published in the reputable peer-reviewed scientific journal Nature , claimed to refute astrologers' assertions that they can solve clients' personal problems by reading individuals' natal charts.

The study concluded that astrologers had no special ability to interpret personality from astrological readings. Sign In Don't have an account? See Studies of astrology by psychologists and Psychological perspectives on astrology Astrology is a group of systems, traditions, and beliefs in which knowledge of the relative positions of celestial bodies and related details is held to be useful in understanding, interpreting, and organizing information about personality, human affairs, and other terrestrial matters.

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