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However, as old as the Rig Veda, the oldest Vedic text, there are clear references to a chakra or wheel of spokes placed in the sky. The number and its related numbers like 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, , and occur commonly in Vedic symbolism. The following article proposes a Vedic rationale for the nature and sequence of the twelve signs of the zodiac.

It shows how the zodiac could have been invented as a form of Vedic sacrifice Yajna following the Vedic view of the Gods, the worlds and the elements. While the complete logic may not be worked out, enough has been revealed to show the probable main aspects of the system. Using this model many secrets of the zodiac are uncovered.

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The following is one of several articles by David Frawley on Vedic and Tantric Mantras and their applications. The following …. My Account. These are also the powers of the Devatas or the deities that … Read More. It reflects … Read More. Our birth … Read More.

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Small ailments would disturb your day to day affairs and make you tensed. Friends would be helpful in your day to day affairs and help you in time of need.

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Change of place for some are inevitable. Succeeded efforts, free from worries and troubles are good indication. Donation to charities, quarrel with siblings, distant travels, Unwanted failures to some, defeat of enemies are also foreseen.

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Escape from a great danger is foreseen. Intimacy between couples would have doubtful union. Family happiness is foreseen to many.

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Strict care should be taken while travelling, which leads to accidents. Regular income will hold you to maintain the requirements. Businessmen can foresee ups and downs with moderate income. Women have to be more care with opposite sex in workfront. Some would have EMA, which makes to get married to them. Specuation is not up to the mark as last year. Troubles from family members is inevitable.

Disputes relating hereditary property would raise and lead to quarrel.

Women are advised to concentrate on their works. Spiritual inclination will lead you to visit to temples and pilgrimage. Parents health will be a major concern. Savings would be spent largely for health issues. All financial transactions should be handled on vigil. Many can expect foreign placements. Students can secure good marks provided if concentration is more, and secure good placements even in foreign countries too.

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A loss in family member would worry you and your family. Some who are on the stage of wedding bells to ring, can foresee good ties of wedding knot to their desired ones. Try to be crisp and maintain the level of communication. Impact of Saturn would reduce the Conjugal bliss with spouse. Beware of your commitments at alltimes.

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Never be loose with your subordinates. Your move with social media friend of other gender has to be maintained with utmost secrecy. Beware of your friends move on your personal issues and avoid personal discussion of your family issues. Care on spouse health is mandatory through out the year. Travels should be well planned and to the short. Legal disputes would prolong to years. Take care of spouse in health issues and medicate immediately without further delay.

Occassional happiness in the middle of the year is foreseen. Sun, Moon and Mercury align with Opposite the Sun in watery Cancer, this full Moon ties in a grounded Saturn energy, bringing us back to earth for a moment in The Sun and Moon are getting closer and closer as we head towards a Dark Moon night this coming Wednesday. This completes the previous lunar cycle which brought on the eclipses that affected With the Moon within degrees of south node Ketu, and the Sun in sidereal Gemini close to north node